• Image of 24Karat Rose
  • Image of 24Karat Rose
  • Image of 24Karat Rose
  • Image of 24Karat Rose
  • Image of 24Karat Rose

24Karat Rose is a thermal changer that when cold is a bright pink with gold shimmer, and when warm is gold!

First swatch is by Kayle, @nerd4nails on Instagram, and http://nerd4nails.blogspot.com/ blog! Swatch is three coats.

Second swatch is by Kim, @kimiko7878 on Instagram, and kimiko7878.blogspot.ca blog!

Third swatch is by Tiffany, @polishedtoprecision on Instagram, and
http://www.polishedtoprecision.com/ blog! Swatch is three thin coats plus top coat.

Fourth swatch is by Carly, @carlysisoka on Instagram, and is four thin coats with top coat.

Fifth swatch is by Yeari, @thecraftyninja on Instagram, and http://www.thecraftyninja.com/ blog!

All items are handmade, therefore individual variations can occur between batches.

Fourth swatch is by Yeari, youtube.com/TheCraftyNinja1 on YouTube, @thecraftyninja on Instagram and http://www.thecraftyninja.com/ blog! Love Is In The Air is the base color, and 24Karat rose is the hearts!

Color may vary due to the monitor that your are using to view the product.

Variations in application technique and thickness can alter your particular outcome.

Please note I use a variety of bloggers/artists who all use different cameras, processing and lighting, therefore individual results may vary