• Image of Heavenly Hummingbird
  • Image of Heavenly Hummingbird
  • Image of Heavenly Hummingbird

Birds are thought to symbolize freedom, as they walk on the earth, swim in the water and soar in the sky. They symbolize the link between heaven and earth.
Heavenly Hummingbird is a silver/green/pink multichrome.

First and second swatches are by Rychelle, @colorsplashnails on Instagram, and colorsplashnails.blogspot.com blog.

All items are handmade, therefore individual variations can occur between batches.

Color may vary due to the monitor that your are using to view the product.

Variations in application technique and thickness can alter your particular outcome.

Please note I use a variety of bloggers/artists who all use different cameras, processing and lighting, therefore individual results may vary